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Office Technology

KODAK 9000 3D Extraoral Imaging System

In an ongoing effort to provide you with the best care possible, our practice has recently acquired the KODAK 9000 3D Extraoral Imaging System. The KODAK 9000 3D System is an innovative two-in-one solution providing access to powerful, focused field 3D images, which enable Dr.R. David Pagan to make more informed diagnoses. Images are acquired quickly and are available to the practitioner within minutes, so diagnoses can be made on the spot. This breakthrough technology provides unprecedented views of the oral cavity, which enables Dr.R. David Pagan to better identify areas that are in need of treatment. Because the images are available within minutes, Dr.R. David Pagan is able to perform a wider range of diagnoses and treatments in the office, helping reduce multiple visits and rescheduling, saving you time while making treatment more affordable. Most importantly, the KODAK 9000 3D System only radiates the areas that are in need of diagnoses, thus making it a safer choice for you.

Benefits include:

High-resolution images - your doctor can view your teeth more clearly

Less radiation - The unit only radiates areas being treated

Improved patient care - your doctor can perform a wider range of diagnoses, helping reduce multiple visits, saving you time and money

Comfortable positioning - when images are taken, you are facing your dental professional, making the image acquisition more comfortable for you

We are here to provide you with superb dental care, every time. If you have any questions regarding our technologies, feel free to ask your doctor or contact us at:

KODAK 1500 Intraoral Video Camera

The state-of-the-art KODAK 1500 Intraoral Video Camera - the latest word in intraoral imaging technology - offers a superior level of image quality, allowing Dr.R. David Pagan to capture the perfect shot easily and quickly. The camera allows Dr.R. David Pagan to easier communicate treatment options to the patients, as well as share images with referring practitioners.

Seeing the clearest possible images helps Dr.R. David Pagan diagnose and treat patients effectively. Having highly detailed images helps Dr.R. David Pagan provide quicker and more accurate diagnoses, improved treatment planning and better patient care. The precise level of anatomical detail is essential in determining the best method of treatment.

Dr. Pagan's philosophy is to provide root canal therapy as painless as possible, in timely fashion, and utilizing the latest in technology he feels will provide the best quality for his patients.

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